Funded Research

In our two year pilot period we directly funded pilot research in critical areas, sponsored students and junior faculty to present at a national conference and selected members to attend professional development training.

Pilot Research Grants

Very Young Offenders and Health:  Evidence and Public Policy  

Laura Abrams, PhD (UCLA)Elizabeth Barnert, MD, MPH (UCLA)Cheryl Maxson, PhD (UCI), Susan Abrams, JD (Children's Law Center of California)

A Bayesian Analysis of Psychiatric medication Nonadherence in a Jail Setting

Stacy Calhoun, MA (UCI), Susan Turner, PhD (UCI), David Farabee, PhD (UCLA)

Exploration of Health Status and Treatment Participation among Commercially Sexually
Exploited Youth in the Juvenile Delinquency System

Mekeila C. Cook, PhD (UCLA)David Farabee, PhD (UCLA), Eraka Bath, MD (UCLA), Catherine Pratt, JD (LA County Juvenile Delinquency Courts)

A foundation for successful data linkage: Reporting on the
availability and quality of correctional and health data sources across California

Meghan Morris, PhD, MPH (UCSF), Shira Shavit, MD (UCSF)

The Los Angeles County Misdemeanor Incompetent to Stand Trial Community-Based Restoration Program: Outcomes and Analysis

Kristen Ochoa, MD, MPH (UCLA), Peter Davidson, PhD (UCSD), Sean Barry, JDc, MPHc (UCLA), Abigail Mack, PhDc (UCLA)


Op-Ed Seminar & Training

The Consortium sponsored four members to attend a seminar given by the Op-Ed Project.  The following Op-Ed pieces are currently in development.

  • Criminal Justice Reform Begins with Prevention Lello Tesema, MD (UCLA)
  • Universal HCV Testing Upon Entry Within the California Prison System Meghan Morris, PhD, MPH (UCSF)







Travel Awardees

The Consortium sponsored the following members to present their work at the 9th Academic & Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health.

Detained and Distressed: Persistent Distressing Symptoms in a Population of
Older Jail Inmates”

Marielle Bolano, BS (UCD)

“Age‐Graded Paternal Incarceration and Occupational Outcomes”
Angela Carter (UCD)

"Changing Patterns of Life‐Expectancy among State and Federal Inmates, U.S.

Bryan Sykes, PhD (UCI)

“Social Network Analysis and the Criminal Justice System: Understanding Rela‐
tionships to Support Wellbeing and Reentry Success”

Joanna Weill, MS (UCSC)